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Grief Counseling

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Endings are built into life
and are some of the most difficult experiences to overcome.

Forest Walkway Endings can really throw your balance off
especially when the loss is someone or something important to you. 


Loss through death, divorce, relationship endings, and job termination can
diminish your dreams, stability and more.  You may end up feeling lonely
within a crowd.
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BeachWith grief, often confusing and unfamiliar feelings ebb and flow and can resurface at the most unexpected times, even when you think you are over them.  Processing through grief,
from any cause, is important for freedom from debilitating emotions.  Emotions will find some way to express themselves no matter how hard you try to ignore them.  Everyone processes emotions at their own speed and in their unique way.






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GRIEF COUNSELING provides significant support to help you on your journey through the many overwhelming features of loss.  

Often children and teens experience and express their grief differentlySmall Child than adults and their behavior can become misinterpreted or their pain can go unnoticed.

Grief can be particularly confusing for youth who can get caught in the 'frozen moments' of trauma from their grief.  They may need special support to pass through grief.  

Many parents express feeling inadequate to support kids when the parents, too, are low in energy from the loss.  Family and friends may remain silent in their hope that the situation will just resolve itself.  This leaves everyone in isolated and private suffering, not relieved by time alone.
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Sharing the tender thoughts and memories you choose, 
learning to understand the wide range of feelings on the roller coaster ride to recovery,
and preparing to build a new life after permanent change 
are all part of the counseling services for GRIEF RECOVERY.





Just understanding the process and 'normalizing' the experience is helpful for most people as they learn about and share the JOURNEY of GRIEF together.

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Respectfully, you are invited and welcome to address your loss of loved ones, dreams, relationships (including divorce), and more.  

Experience this one-to-one with Elizabeth or in a group. 



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