FAM-A-LINK (Family)

FAM-A-LINK: Family counseling services promote healthy relationships as the foundation to happy family life. Many ages and stages bring complicated changes that disrupt home life, academic achievement, and a general sense of peace and well-being. Work with an expert to apply understanding and techniques that work to settle your situation, no matter how seemingly complex.
Family Counseling links well with Individual Counseling for Children
to develop understandings and connections that promote health for both the individual and the group as a support system for each other.

Family Therapy
Time to Spring Clean Your Family Relationships?
Dust off your old dreams and go after the family life you imagine.
Melt tensions, power struggles and chaos by sharing view points
during practical presentations designed to bring your family members together for fun and growth.
FOUR WEEKLY SESSIONS in the program series
will focus on several foundational concepts
that commonly people rate as most helpful:

1) Communication styles: What works and what gets in the way
2) Boundaries: What this actually means and how they affect relationships
3) The Relationship between Thoughts, Feelings and Behavior
4) The Difference between Reacting and Responding
The greatest point about doing this together
is that everyone in your family will be exposed to the same information
at the same time.
This can help all of you join as a family team that considers each of you
as an individual and part of the group.

Sessions are intended to be playful and are loaded with helpful tips.
Come experience something new together and grow in support of each other.
These sessions are attended by your family only.

Seize the opportunity to correct or prevent problems by enrolling

Family Advantage Series at Epicenter Counseling

Start the new school year with more harmony and peace.

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