Parenting Teens

Tired of the same old fights with your teens?

Teen Therapy

Do you lose control of your emotions when dealing with kids who won't listen? Perhaps you've discovered your current techniques are backfiring or not working. Are you struggling with a kid who has withdrawn, shut down or shut you out? Maybe you receive a grunt instead of an answer to your questions.

Treatment of you at times can be disrespectful, defiant, or even seem abusive.

Daily routines can become a grind that requires you to push your kids into action to get up, out the door, and on to the business of the day. Schoolwork, social media, food, sleep, and safety are all exhausting concerns that teens resist sharing with you. You could be concerned about what your kids are doing when they are out of your sight. Are you overwhelmed with worry about what "might happen" if things don't change? 
Stop the war at home and save your sanity 
Parenting Issues

You know to stay calm, especially when disciplining your kids, but how do you pull this off when you're tired, angry and stressed while no one seems to cooperate? You may even start to feel intimidated or like you're walking on eggshells around your kids just to keep the peace. I am sure that is not what you dreamed of when you became a parent. 
What's normal? 
Parenting Support

Even in the healthiest of families, kids can make parents doubt themselves and feel rejected or incompetent. Everyone gets frustrated and angry at times, occasionally losing it. 
If this is an ongoing pattern, you may want help. 

The harder parts of parenting come from the sheer volume of continuous demands on your time and energy, with few breaks to refresh and recharge. There never seems to be enough time, money, emotional support, or training to do the job the way you want it to be done. Day-to-day housework, meal preparation, and other household details wear parents out. 
As a parent, your own emotional issues hit you squarely in the face, as your kids inevitably push every button you have. You feel guilty, because common mistakes affect the ones you love most, your children. 
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Parents can view themselves as "blending cultures" that they bring from their own birth families,
which  can create differing opinions and tense power struggles.

• Get everyone on the same page and work to smooth the rough spots of working as a team.
• Move from having a vague vision to knowing specifically what
you want to create and how to get there.
• Receive helpful information and the support that will help you jump into action and stay accountable to your goals.
• Learn to laugh along the way.

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Just as the word 'epicenter' refers to the focal point of an earthquake
that sends waves of disruption outwardly,
Epicenter Counseling
can help you focus on and deal with the core origin of your problems
and improve the outcome of your challenges
through customized therapy that fits the situation with you and your family.


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